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Services & Expertise

RPAS members provide a comprehensive range of expertise, advice and professional services covering the restaurant property sector.

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Agency: Lettings & Disposals

Our members handle lettings & disposals throughout the UK and cover the whole range of the restaurant property market. If you have restaurant or catering property to let, assign, sub-let or sell then use our membership list to find the right agent for you.

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Agency: Acquisitions

In a competitive market, restaurant companies often retain the services of an agent or agents to handle acquisitions and site finding requirements. RPAS members can advise on individual property acquisitions or a wider expansion programme.

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Rent Review & Lease Renewal

RPAS members are some of the most renowned Landlord & Tenant surveyors in the restaurant property industry. They represent Landlord or Tenants in rent review negotiations from initial advice through to negotiations and providing written evidence for submission to Arbitrator, Independent Expert or Court.

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RPAS members carry out valuations for many purposes and for a wide variety of clients. Our members cover the whole of the UK and combine their unrivalled knowledge of the restaurant market with an all round market knowledge to provide valuations specific to the restaurant property market.

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Business Rates

RPAS Members who provide Business Rates advice are some of the leading names in the sector advising many corporate and household names in the leisure industry as well as numerous smaller businesses.

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Panelled Arbitrator / Independent Expert

If you wish to appoint an Arbitrator or Independent Expert privately to act as an independent third party to resolve a dispute then consider a member of the RPAS. They are expertly qualified for restaurant property disputes and some members are able to be appointed on other types of property as well.

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